3 Reasons Why You Should Invest in Bot-Hive

1. 2020-2030 is set to be the decade of robotics & automation and Bot-Hive is set to play a major role in the entire industry

2. Covid 19: Businesses all over the world are turning to automation technology to protect workers' safety

3. B2B Platforms: B2B supply chain and marketplace platforms offer fast concentrated growth.  We're building exactly that in the fast growing robotics industry and we're the first to do it

We're A Startup With Big Ambitions...

- Team Bot-Hive are building the world's online purchase platform for commercial robots and automation technology

- We are a highly scalable, SaaS revenue generating b2b digital platform 

- We are ripe for fast growth in the post pandemic economy

- We've on-boarded investment from a serial UK institutional seed investor, the Development Banc of Wales, within the first 12 months of founding the company

- A highly experience team with a proven track record in building b2b and b2c online community platforms and marketplaces

- Oh and we're hungry, we mean really hungry...

Our Current Investors...



& Angels

The Problem We're Fixing



Most SMEs are not aware of the benefits & suitability robots & automation can have on their business


Identifying the right user case, the right tech stack and the right installation partners is costly both in time and money for SMEs

£ Cost

Through multiple layers of distributor channels, the end customer is forced to pay over-the-odds margins, resulting in a lack of adoption

The Solution We're Building

Centralising & Translating


The Bot-Hive platform is the world's first online community platform that centralises all relevant content and purchase information in one place, bridging the gap between technical engineering jargon to a non-technical SME customer base

AI Robot to SME Configuration


Our unique AI-enhanced algorithms provide recommendations for the appropriate technology stack and the best suited installation partner in real time based off a series of easy to answer user questions and smart user tracking




Bot-Hive have designed a smart pricing matrix enabling robot manufacturers to earn higher unit prices per sale, increase volume and profitability for installers and reduce the total investment cost for SMEs in the robotics purchase supply chain.

Sound Interesting?

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High Seed Rounds and Series A investments.

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