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Industry 4.0 is here

Ever since the inception of the term Industry 4.0, there has been much hype about the Fourth Industrial Revolution.  For most of us, this hype has been somewhat unwarranted as the levels of automation adoption have remained relatively low.


However, 2020 is now here and organisations all around the world are turning to automation to solve critical business challenges, such as labour skills shortages, productivity issues and quality control.

Robotics is no longer something for the future.  The time is now.  For further information and evidence of this please view this report.

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Covid 19

The global pandemic has caused unprecedented disruption to industries across the globe, with many supply chains  being ground to a halt.  As the world looks to recover, organisations are needing to rethink the way they source their products as well as how they deliver their own offerings to customers.

It's also true that social distancing is changing the way companies are operating from top to bottom.  With such future uncertainty and questions being raised, we believe organisations require two essential criteria at this moment in time: 1) Fast & easy-to-understand information and 2) Access to relevant partners that can support early stage automation.  Bot-Hive provides organisations with exactly that.

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B2B is going digital

The world of consuming purchasing has been transformed forever through digital marketplaces.  Expert & peer review sites, social media influencers and price comparisons sites have created consumer confidence in ways that old purchasing habits were not able to deliver.

Online network affects have radically accelerated the way vendors can scale their businesses.  This transformation is now beginning to happen in the way businesses purchase from other businesses.  

Extensive travel and time spent at events to connect with peers is being replaced by a new wave of digital matchmaking technologies.

Online Learning

The Problem We're Fixing


Identifying the right user case, the right tech stack and the right installation partners is costly both in time and money for SMEs

Robotic Lab Assistant

How can robots help?

Most organisations are new to robotics & automation.  Trying to figure what robots are out there and how they can support your organisation is no easy task.

Election Day
Partner Selection

Who should I work with?

Being new to robotics & automation requires new supplier & partner connections.  Figuring out who the right partner is for your need, your automation roadmap and your budget is critical to a successful result.

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Price Transparency

Is this expensive or not?

Traditional B2B purchasing fails to provide customers with upfront pricing.  Organisations are operating in the dark when it comes to budget planning and selecting suppliers.

How Bot-Hive fixes these problems?

Need to Buy Now
Search & Discover

Find Robots By User Need

Business Meeting
Partner Selection

The Robot Builder Matchmaking

Person Checking Data
Price Transparency

Price Transparency & Comparison

Bot-Hive lists robots based on user's needs and provides detailed case study examples to help users discover relevant solutions based their individual need.  We support standard product and service information with case study examples to generate additional customer confidence.

Our Robot Builder tool provides intelligent elastic matchmaking based on suppliers tags.  Our site recommends equipment, software and installation providers based on their suitability for the end user's requirements.

For too long, automation suppliers have kept a closed book on their pricing.  Bot-Hive is transforming the availability of purchase information by listing price details of the robot equipment as well as indicative guide price information on installation & consultancy fees. 

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